Sunday, October 14, 2012

Interactive Visual Archive of Twitter Conversations

A few months ago I started using Twitter lists to store links of my students' work.  I wanted Twitter to store the links of the tweets that I posted so that the Twitter links could be accessed later.  I wanted to use the stored links within the lists to create student ePortfolios, which students could access through links provided on this blog along the top bar.  I also wanted to use Twitter to update my blog with the homework for the day through the use of a Twitter widget found on the right hand side of the blog. 

Everything was going great for a while.  The Twitter links within my posts were stored, working and students were looking back at their previous work found under the Student Work tab.  Everything was going great for a while, let's say about a week.  After about a week, the Twitter lists had gone empty.  The tweets just disappeared.  I did not delete any tweets from the lists or edit them in anyway. 

I looked at the Twitter site and found in the Help section a post about missing tweets.  I researched the trouble I was having with missing tweets and found out that Twitter does not archive tweets.  I also found out that tweets disappear from lists after an unknown amount of time.  I could not have this, so I started looking (googling) for a way to archive my tweets for use with this blog.  If my tweets were archived and available online somewhere I could link them back to this site.  

I found a way to fix my problem.  The short version of how to archive tweets can be found here: I began using the method by Martin Hawksey.  His method is found with a click on the previous link in this post.  

Another interesting use of a script that Martin wrote is a way to interact visually with Twitter conversations from a specific hashtag.  I am one of the organizers of edcampSWO.  I wanted the learning and Twitter conversations to be recorded from that day.  The script that Martin wrote archives the tweets from a hashtag or Twitter list and creates an interactive visual representation of Twitter conversations.  Click on the link below for the interactive visual archive of Twitter conversations from #edcampSWO.  This is an example of what it can do for your conversations.  



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